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The feasibility study that the Seattle Center hired Grindline to complete has been finalized and released to the public. It contains maps of the sites that were considered, a detailed analysis of each site, cost estimates, and a draft schedule.

In reality the team working on the project has moved well beyond site selection and is now focused on making sure the project funds are in this year’s city budget.

There was also some much needed press attention on the project this week in the Stranger which unfortunately didn’t include any voices from the advocacy side of the table, and contained some misleading statements about the project including how much money was allocated for the skatepark replacement in the deal with the Oak View Group.

You can read the study yourself by clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

SEASK8 Replacement Study_090618_FINAL

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Tomorrow there will be a meeting of the Committee on Civic Arenas to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Seattle and the Oak View Group, who plans to redevelop Key Arena at the expense of Seattle skateboarders.

Please consider showing up to provide your personal commentary on this issue. Comments will be limited and it’s important to arrive early to sign up (1 hr is playing it safe).

It’s unclear how aware the committee is of the negative impacts the current plan will have on the skate community. Please help us make sure that they understand the issues and that more effort by the City Council is required to do the right thing for skaters.

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This one was so good it brought me out of advocacy semi-retirement! In Seattle, we just gave them the job and allowed them to sidestep the process, but this just shows what kind of people you deal with when you get into bed with Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia/California Skateparks:

Joe Ciaglia, a big player in the small world of skate park construction, has agreed to pay $65,000 to resolve allegations that he attempted to rig the bidding on an L.A. skate park project in October 2010.

It all worked out OK, and the park is probably Seattle’s busiest. But that’s after countless hours of community involvement, tons of calling of the BS by SPAC and other advocates, and construction by a trusted local builder.

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Hey everyone,

Hopefully you’re heading out to your local skatepark, since we have those now, or down to SeaSk8 at 2pm to celebrate GSD with your friends.

While we’re out celebrating our favorite sport by actually skateboarding, here are some recent updates on new skatepark construction in Seattle:

  • Roxhill is live on the city’s bid system starting today and bids are due on July 11th.
  • Judkins will be posted by Friday and it will bid July 18th.
  • Northgate (Hubbard Homestead) is in the final stage of documentation approval and is going out to bid “soon”.
  • Jefferson Park’s official grand opening party will be a part of the Jefferson Park Jubilee celebration on July 14th.  SLAG and Marshall are working on a fun program for the skatepark so stay tuned.  Also, the new lights are supposed to be in before the grand opening.


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Newsflash!  There are six skatepark projects currently in development in Seattle! Holy crap!

Roxhill skatespot (West Seattle – link): the fourth and final public meeting is this coming Monday the 14th, from 6-7pm at the Southwest Library (9010 35th Ave SW), which you should attend because the design process thus far has been problematic and has not provided anyone with a clear picture of what exactly will be built.

Jefferson Skatepark (Beacon Hill – link): the park should be open in the first part of December and confirmed that it will have LIGHTS!!!  It is unclear on how late the lights would be on but fingers crossed it is until at least 10:30 or 11pm.

Hubbard Homestead Skatepark (just north of Northgate Mall – link): design is complete and contractor selection should be occurring any day.

Judkins Skatepark (link): design is final and contractor selection should be occurring soon.

Crown Hill Mini Ramp (Crown Hill: link):  The miniramp and adjacent small bank/rail, ledge and perimeter rocks are fully installed and OPEN FOR SKATING.  Grindline did their usually incredible cement work and the miniramp tranny and coping is perfect.

Kirke Park Skatedot (7028 9th Avenue NW – link):  The design is complete and construction should be starting soon.



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Skate Like a Girl does important work, and it’s cool that Nancy and SLAG are getting recognized by Parks for their ongoing effort to build community around skateparks and skateboarding in Seattle.  They especially deserve credit for trying to raise awareness that skateboarding isn’t just for dudes, mostly because it’s true, but also because it helps non-skaters understand that skateparks serve a much larger user group than they probably realize.

Parks gives away an annual Denny Award and this year they are recognizing Nancy, which is awesome.

Congrats to Nancy, Fleur, and all the folks who have helped to make Skate Like a Girl so successful.

Check out the link to the award page at Seattle Parks Website here.

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At the Delridge Skate Park opening, a couple of us skate park advocates were STRONGLY encouraged to show up to these meetings to speak up for our community (read; more/improved skateable terrain). Apparently, we have about 10 MILLION DOLLARS in the budget for Parks and Green Spaces and no one from the skateboarding world has spoken up. The cool thing is that we don’t even need to stay for the whole meeting- we could just show up/sign up to speak for the Public Comments part of the meeting- the first 10 or so minutes and then take off. I live in West Seattle and have 2 young kids, so it’ll be hard to pull off, is there anyone else that can make it? Or maybe we can figure out a way to call in? I’ve seen that done for WA Healthcare Authority meetings. If I can juggle it- get my kids fed and start their homework, I’ll be there to advocate for improvements at the Alki Community Center/ Lower Playground. There are a bunch of kids who have fallen in love with skateboarding and need a good open flat space to get their skills to really enjoy Delridge SP! And Alki has been on the Citywide Skate Park Plan for a skate dot! Right now, there are no dollars penciled in for that part of West Seattle either.

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Don’t forget to attend the meeting for the Judkins Park skatespot, which will be designed by Grindline.

The meeting will be held at the Douglass-Truth Branch Library, 2300 E. Yesler Way.

Yes, Seattle Parks is building ANOTHER skatepark!!!

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The regularly scheduled SPAC meeting tonight from 6-8pm has been cancelled.  Our next scheduled meeting is Monday night September 12.

More importantly, the Seattle Parks Superintendant voted to save the Summit and John Skate Dot that came under fire from a small group of neighbors that live directly adjacent to the skate dot!  For those of you who attended the Parks Board Meeting you know that their primary issue with the skate dot is noise.  Following the Parks Board meeting (where the vast majority of the citizens spoke in support of the skate dot), the Parks Board discussed the fate of the skate dot based on all of the testimony received and a briefing by Parks staff.  We watched a video of the discussion (no longer available on Parks website here: ) and it was very, very close.  We should all thank Commissioner Terry Holme because without his experience and input the skate spot would have met it’s demise (was a 4-3 vote in favor of maintaining the skate spot).  The discussion led the following two Board recommendations: 1) Keep the skatedot, and 2) Study noise related to skateparks.  The Superintendents decision to follow the Board of Parks Commissioners recommendation to maintain the skate spot is summarized in the Capital Hill Blog at the following link: .  A short snippet from the article is below:

“The Summit John skatedot will, indeed, continue its service to Seattle as the first skateboard-dedicated parks feature of its kind in the city. Superintendent Christopher Williams has agreed with the Seattle Parks Board recommendation to keep the Summit Slope Park featurebut scuttled the recommendation to create a working group that would have been assigned to further anti-skateboarding noise modifications of the already heavily modified park.”

–  Ryan Barth

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Delridge got it’s first pour today, and the park is looking amazing.  Grindline is really doing a great job down there.

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