New project alert: Morgan Junction Skatedot

Proposal for Phase 1 as rendered by volunteer advocate Zac Corum.

Emerging from a successful D.I.Y. effort that ended up quickly being destroyed by the city and the area fenced off to remain ugly and dormant, is a new proposal to convert the adjacent existing concrete passive space in West Seattle’s Morgan Junction into something a little more skateable.

Advocates have broken their proposal into two phases:

PHASE 1: 2023-2024

  1. Work with community, Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) and their on-call skatepark design contractor to refine concepts
  2. Relocate/protect irrigation and demo landscaping near Eddy Street.
  3. Grade and add 750 square feet new concrete pad on existing lawn and north end planting strip near Eddy Street
  4. Resurface existing concrete, tie into new concrete pad, then install:
    • Bank to curb to ledge
    • Big Boulder curb with pump bump
    • Skateable ledge
    • Quarter pipe
    • Roll-in, quarter pipe hip
    • Round flat bar
    • Mellow half pyramid
    • Mellow flat bank roll in
    • Banked ledge and manny pad Other park elements to remain until phase 2

PHASE 2: 2024-2025

Conceptual rendering by advocate Zac Corum
  1. Observe Phase 1 site use, consult with Parks on need/benefits for Phase
  2. If high demand warrants Phase 2 expansion, complete phase 2 design including grading, utilities and landscaping
  3. When new park addition available for public use, move existing non-skate uses from south to north half of park (across Eddy Street). Phase 1 skate features to remain, then:
  4. Grade and demo landscaping, protect existing utilities, install stormwater drainage and on-site retention system (cisterns for new adjacent p-patch along south slope of Eddy street embankment
  5. Pour new concrete pad
  6. Install above ground skate features. Perimeter L-Shaped halfpipe flow section shown is one of many potential options for the Phase 2 expansion.

Express your support and provide your feedback and input here.

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