Seattle City-wide skatepark plan

In February 2006 the Seattle City Council adopted a resolution recognizing skateboarding as a healthy and popular means of recreation, and resolved to establish a network of skateparks of various sizes throughout the City. Seattle Parks and Recreation worked with an appointed Skatepark Advisory Task Force and a consultant to develop this Citywide Skatepark Plan (PDF). The Plan identifies a network of safe, legal places throughout the city, for people of all ages, races and genders to enjoy skateboarding. Numerous public meetings were held and input was gathered regarding the most equitable distribution of a variety of skatepark sites throughout Seattle. This nearly year long planning process culminated in 26 sites being recommended for inclusion in the Plan.

Free Skatepark Development Guide

Skaters for Public Skateparks in conjunction with the Tony Hawk Foundation and the IASC, have published an amazing book that is a must have for anyone interested in making a public skatepark in their neighborhood a reality. Two of the core contributors to the Seattle Skatepark Advocacy Guide found here also helped with this book.

This free guide is a comprehensive look at the global issues surrounding public skatepark development. Coupled with the local information found on this website, you should have everything you need to get things moving in your Seattle neighborhood.

Highly recommended…


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  1. How come Seattle has’nt built a B.M.X PARK, because there are a ton of people who ride bmx, and alot of skateboarders get upset when bmx kids show up, kinda sucks.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    I read your article from 2008 about lighting at Lower Woodland. Do you know if there are any recent initiatives for lighting there, or at any other parks? Do you get the impression that the city is fixed on their decision to keep parks dark?

    Any info would be appreciated!


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