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Hey everyone,

Hopefully you’re heading out to your local skatepark, since we have those now, or down to SeaSk8 at 2pm to celebrate GSD with your friends.

While we’re out celebrating our favorite sport by actually skateboarding, here are some recent updates on new skatepark construction in Seattle:

  • Roxhill is live on the city’s bid system starting today and bids are due on July 11th.
  • Judkins will be posted by Friday and it will bid July 18th.
  • Northgate (Hubbard Homestead) is in the final stage of documentation approval and is going out to bid “soon”.
  • Jefferson Park’s official grand opening party will be a part of the Jefferson Park Jubilee celebration on July 14th.  SLAG and Marshall are working on a fun program for the skatepark so stay tuned.  Also, the new lights are supposed to be in before the grand opening.


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Newsflash!  There are six skatepark projects currently in development in Seattle! Holy crap!

Roxhill skatespot (West Seattle – link): the fourth and final public meeting is this coming Monday the 14th, from 6-7pm at the Southwest Library (9010 35th Ave SW), which you should attend because the design process thus far has been problematic and has not provided anyone with a clear picture of what exactly will be built.

Jefferson Skatepark (Beacon Hill – link): the park should be open in the first part of December and confirmed that it will have LIGHTS!!!  It is unclear on how late the lights would be on but fingers crossed it is until at least 10:30 or 11pm.

Hubbard Homestead Skatepark (just north of Northgate Mall – link): design is complete and contractor selection should be occurring any day.

Judkins Skatepark (link): design is final and contractor selection should be occurring soon.

Crown Hill Mini Ramp (Crown Hill: link):  The miniramp and adjacent small bank/rail, ledge and perimeter rocks are fully installed and OPEN FOR SKATING.  Grindline did their usually incredible cement work and the miniramp tranny and coping is perfect.

Kirke Park Skatedot (7028 9th Avenue NW – link):  The design is complete and construction should be starting soon.



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This is a reminder that at the next SPAC meeting (TONIGHT) the designers for the Roxhill (Grindline) and Judkins (California Skateparks) skatespots will be in attendance to receive additional focused feedback on the designs for these skatespots.

The SPAC requested that Parks host this additional design meeting so skaters can see the direction the designers are heading based on the input received during the first public meeting.   This is your best chance to provide focused early feedback directly to the design team in a room full of skaters.  PLEASE attend and provide your input so the design direction incorporates as much skater input early in the design process.

The meeting will be in the usual location – Seattle Parks and Recreation Building located at 100 Dexter North, Seattle, WA 98109 – from 6-8pm.



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Don’t forget to attend the meeting for the Judkins Park skatespot, which will be designed by Grindline.

The meeting will be held at the Douglass-Truth Branch Library, 2300 E. Yesler Way.

Yes, Seattle Parks is building ANOTHER skatepark!!!

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