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Newsflash!  There are six skatepark projects currently in development in Seattle! Holy crap!

Roxhill skatespot (West Seattle – link): the fourth and final public meeting is this coming Monday the 14th, from 6-7pm at the Southwest Library (9010 35th Ave SW), which you should attend because the design process thus far has been problematic and has not provided anyone with a clear picture of what exactly will be built.

Jefferson Skatepark (Beacon Hill – link): the park should be open in the first part of December and confirmed that it will have LIGHTS!!!  It is unclear on how late the lights would be on but fingers crossed it is until at least 10:30 or 11pm.

Hubbard Homestead Skatepark (just north of Northgate Mall – link): design is complete and contractor selection should be occurring any day.

Judkins Skatepark (link): design is final and contractor selection should be occurring soon.

Crown Hill Mini Ramp (Crown Hill: link):  The miniramp and adjacent small bank/rail, ledge and perimeter rocks are fully installed and OPEN FOR SKATING.  Grindline did their usually incredible cement work and the miniramp tranny and coping is perfect.

Kirke Park Skatedot (7028 9th Avenue NW – link):  The design is complete and construction should be starting soon.



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Pillar’s first renderings are in, and it looks like Crown Hill might get a side helping of rail action with their mini.

The question the advocates are wrestling with now seem to be all about whether or not sinking it down into the ground will be a problem.

What do you think?  Will a sunken flatbottom drain?  Does sinking it down make it less skateable?  If it’s sunken down will it increase the likelihood problematic behavior?

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Kim Baldwin from Seattle Parks has confirmed that the outcome of the one Crown Hill meeting is that there will be a concrete mini built in the approximately 1500 sq/ft space that has been designated for a skatedot.  Yes, it’s unimaginative and questionable as to whether or not Pillar was required to “design” it, but it’s something that will get a ton of use and is lacking in the North end skateparks:

Hello All:

I’m writing to give you a quick update on Crown Hill.  We decided to go with a miniramp instead of a minibowl.   The community meeting made it clear that either option would be good and acceptable to most everyone.  The miniramp really fit well into the initial criteria expressed during the whole process, mainly to create a dot good for young beginners that also provided interest for intermediate skaters.  We also felt like we could get more park for the dollar since a bowl would have required more extensive drainage and possible a geotech report which would have taken time and money.

Brad will be posting his schematic design on his website soon and Parks will post it as well.  His will be up first.  Let us know what you think!  I think the team did a good job at maximizing the space by incorporating it with the proposed plaza.  We will be moving forward with this design. Minimal changes may occur as we go through design development.

Thanks for your input!

Congrats to all the kids up there who wanted a concrete mini.  If you wanted something a little more creative, but still mellow, maybe you should start thinking about a field trip.

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You guys always say you don’t get enough notice for these meetings.  Well here you go… 4 days!

I kid of course.  I posted this a month ago.  You now have been reminded.  There will only be one meeting, and the designer will be Pillar Designs.

Hopefully that means we’ll get something a little different this time.

Here’s the official press release:

July 28, 2010

Karen O’Connor


Seattle Parks and Recreation will host a public meeting on Monday, August 2, 2010 at the Crown Hill Center, 9250 14th NW, from 6 – 8 p.m. to gather input from the community on the new skatedot that will be developed in Crown Hill Park.

Pillar Design Studios, a professional skatepark designer, will lead the community in this workshop for the design of the skatedot. A skatedot is an approximately 1,500-square-foot area with ”skatable” terrain.

The community participated in planning for this park in early 2006, and at a community meeting in April 2010. The Parks and Green Spaces Levy provides $1.2 million to move this project forward into final design and construction. The schematic design includes a skatedot, a pedestrian circulation path, celebrated entries, open space, areas for play and a newly renovated field. Construction of the site is projected for spring 2011 and anticipated to be complete by fall 2011.

Seattle voters passed the Parks and Green Spaces Levy by a 59% vote in November 2008. The new $146 million Levy provides acquisition funding for new neighborhood parks and green spaces and development funding for projects such as improved playfields, reservoir lid parks, renovated playgrounds, community gardens, and safety upgrades at city owned cultural facilities

For more information please visit: contact Kim Baldwin, Senior Capital Improvement Coordinator at 206-615-0810 or

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I just got word that the one and only meeting for the stealthy Crown Hill skatespot will be on August 2, from 6-8pm at the Crown Hill Center – 9250 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117.

Show up and get your input in!

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According to and the Seattle Parks Website, there will be a new skatespot up North by the Fall of 2011.

This comes at a time when Delridge is taking for-freakin’-ever and Maple Leaf skaters got straight up jacked.  I guess you can’t win ’em all.

But I tell you what, Seattle Parks project manager Kim Baldwin sure knows how to get it done.  This one was presumed to have been DOA.  With Lower Woodland, Jefferson, and now Crown Hill under her belt, she’s looking to take the title from the reigning SPD skatepark champion, Kelly Davidson (Dahl, Delridge, and the Capitol Hill skatedot).

As usual, don’t celebrate until the ‘crete is dry, but this is a great little amendment to the system up in the NW corner of our soon-to-be-skateable city.

Watch here for the meeting notices and get your ass out there. These projects have a way of going South unless there’s a solid base of support behind them.  You never know when those crafty lawn bowlers are going to sneak up and snatch your turf.

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It looks like the skatepark at Crown Hill is back on the table for discussion after an earlier round bred controversy between skatepark advocates and opponents last year. Get out to this meeting and let the panel know that skateboarding is an important part of public recreation space in Seattle:

July 18th
9250 14th Ave NW

Please join us! We will be discussing the current status of the Crown Hill School Site and how the City and Small Faces are working together to acquire/develop the property. There will be a discussion panel to include members of Seattle City Council, The Mayor’s office, Small Faces, and Cascade Land Conservancy.Please attend and show your support for the park & school!

The park design includes little league baseball and soccer fields, biking routes, walking paths, a skate park and a mini-amphitheater for outdoor movies and music. Families welcome! Crown Hill Park is located on the south side of Small Faces Childhood Development Center 9250 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117.

For more information, and details of the approved design please visit the web site:

A site design diagram is also available here:

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