Crown Hill design renderings: sink or not?

Pillar’s first renderings are in, and it looks like Crown Hill might get a side helping of rail action with their mini.

The question the advocates are wrestling with now seem to be all about whether or not sinking it down into the ground will be a problem.

What do you think?  Will a sunken flatbottom drain?  Does sinking it down make it less skateable?  If it’s sunken down will it increase the likelihood problematic behavior?

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  1. Did the designs speak to how Pillar forsees the drainage to work?
    Plumbing/drainage designs?

  2. The roll in opposite a retaining wall seems a bit useless. A bank or something there might be better since the wall has to be there in this design. It would seem that making it more skateable would be best.

    If it doesn’t drain it will be a new pond and that would be a shame.

  3. I like the mini-ramp plan and I live real close to there. I was excited because a standard mini is pretty hard to screw up and almost every skater can have fun on one so it seems like a good use of space.
    What is the reasoning behind sinking it down? It seems like a lot debris will collect in there and those corners/edges don’t look like they’d be fun to bounce my face off. Basically sinking it seems to add maintenance and reduce safety.
    I don’t get the curved ledge either, those almost never work. Just make it straight. The ramp looks fun though, hopefully they don’t put galvanized coping on it.

    Thanks for the updates!

  4. Having a wall on the side of a mini is not ideal and can be dangerous. I dont want to slam my face into the corner if i don’t have to

  5. I truly dought sinking it down a bit would create safety problems. There are plenty of alert neighbors surrounding that park. My question is: If it’s sunken down, why? And if it is sunken, why have that un-usable ledge where the roll-in is? It could be bowled-off in that area and on the opposing wall to have a very small learning bowl and a way to ollie the roll-in. By the way, that flat bank roll-in with the kink at the bottom looks like something a non-skateboarder would design. What’s up with that?

  6. Why are there little walls closing in the flat bottom? Why not bowl those off to make a micro sized practice bowl? What happened to talk of an extention? And why a kinked/slant sideways roll-in? This looks like it was designed by a BMXer. As for any “Problematic behavior”? In a park surrounded by a quiet neighborhood of involved neighbors? Don’t think so.

  7. I think this design looks great. What’s the issue with sunken/drainage? Was that not part of the design details? Whatever, I’m sure the kids will like it.

  8. I agree that a mini bowl is the best idea. However, as it looks now, it doesn’t look there is any way to skate that “roll-in” bank in a line with the miniramp, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to skate it without disrupting someone’s miniramp run. If there isn’t enough in the budget to make a mini bowl, I don’t really see what is gained by sinking the miniramp.

    Not sinking the miniramp could free up more money/labor for other things, What could be real nice would be an extension/bank on the side of the miniramp with the stairs that could be used as a roll-in for the stairs. Also, if the stairs and bank off the deck switched places, skaters could air over the hip from the miniramp.

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