Crown Hill dot will be a concrete mini

Kim Baldwin from Seattle Parks has confirmed that the outcome of the one Crown Hill meeting is that there will be a concrete mini built in the approximately 1500 sq/ft space that has been designated for a skatedot.  Yes, it’s unimaginative and questionable as to whether or not Pillar was required to “design” it, but it’s something that will get a ton of use and is lacking in the North end skateparks:

Hello All:

I’m writing to give you a quick update on Crown Hill.  We decided to go with a miniramp instead of a minibowl.   The community meeting made it clear that either option would be good and acceptable to most everyone.  The miniramp really fit well into the initial criteria expressed during the whole process, mainly to create a dot good for young beginners that also provided interest for intermediate skaters.  We also felt like we could get more park for the dollar since a bowl would have required more extensive drainage and possible a geotech report which would have taken time and money.

Brad will be posting his schematic design on his website soon and Parks will post it as well.  His will be up first.  Let us know what you think!  I think the team did a good job at maximizing the space by incorporating it with the proposed plaza.  We will be moving forward with this design. Minimal changes may occur as we go through design development.

Thanks for your input!

Congrats to all the kids up there who wanted a concrete mini.  If you wanted something a little more creative, but still mellow, maybe you should start thinking about a field trip.

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