Reminder: SPAC review of two skatepark designs TONIGHT

This is a reminder that at the next SPAC meeting (TONIGHT) the designers for the Roxhill (Grindline) and Judkins (California Skateparks) skatespots will be in attendance to receive additional focused feedback on the designs for these skatespots.

The SPAC requested that Parks host this additional design meeting so skaters can see the direction the designers are heading based on the input received during the first public meeting.   This is your best chance to provide focused early feedback directly to the design team in a room full of skaters.  PLEASE attend and provide your input so the design direction incorporates as much skater input early in the design process.

The meeting will be in the usual location – Seattle Parks and Recreation Building located at 100 Dexter North, Seattle, WA 98109 – from 6-8pm.



3 Replies to “Reminder: SPAC review of two skatepark designs TONIGHT”

  1. Can u guys please make the parks indoors or with something covering them from the rain because all the other great skate parks in Washington are useless for a good 9 to 10 months.

  2. Hey Enrique,

    If you can rally some people in your area to back this, Seattle City Light has indicated a tentative interest in working with Seattle Parks on a solar roof solution for a skatepark that would be similar to the picnic shelters at Jefferson Park:

    Seattle is just getting into community solar, so now is a great time to get involved with this. Please let me know if you are serious about this and I’ll get more interested in it myself. Another solution we could work toward is a green roof, although a solar roof would also generate power for lights.

    Also, please note that “u guys” means you, me and whoever else decides to step up and get involved. There isn’t actually anyone else out here. Let me know.


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