River City is underway!

RCSP gravel baseIt’s happening.  Here’s an update from Mark:

“The park is being built now.  Rough grades, fill, and subgrade compaction are complete.  Gravel underlayment has been placed and Mark Hubbard is onsite this week getting the forms laid out.  One of the folks from Grindline Japan is in town and is supposed to be lending a hand in the coming weeks.  Hopefully the dry weather holds, although we are out of the woods now that the site has passed geotech inspection and properly drains so as to not create ponding in the middle of the site.  Anyone who might have a giant tent to loan would be the biggest hero in the world – let me know if you hear of anything.

We’re looking at 7-9 weeks until the concrete work is complete.  It is nice to finally follow up on the pledges that were made so long ago.  James Klinedint’s tireless work to document the park for permit (TWICE!!!), Hubbard being there for us on and off and on again, Matt Fluegge’s cool hand, Department of Neighborhoods’ cash money, SODO Rotary, NUCOR’s rebar donation, Cadman’s super-discount, and the South Park neighborhoods’ unwavering patience.”

This is huge news and the realization of an amazing grass-roots community skatepark success story.

4 Replies to “River City is underway!”

  1. Nope. Those are super old. I’ll dig around for the new plan. It’s way more street, with a little taco thing on one side.

  2. pretty sure i saw hanford skating down cloverdale today on his way to the site. i was in a hurry…being late for work, as usual…so i’m not sure. but as i passed i saw a few dudes looking all sweaty and dirty, like they were working or something.
    i saw the forms and they look weird. i’m assuming they were for this “taco” thing. it looks like it’s gonna be a small taco. which, in some cases is perfect…but i prefer a bigger taco for skating.

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