woodland_burnThis is the sight that greeted the early risers this morning at Lower Woodland.

Sure, it probably wasn’t skaters, but it still sucks.  This is the kind of thing that made Crossroads lame to skate for a while before they fixed the concrete, and ultimately why they installed surveillance cameras.

Believe it or not, Seattle Parks is talking about putting them in.  Wonder why…

Personally, I’d rather skate through fire than get hit in the head by a BMX bike, but that’s just me.

6 Responses to “This is why we can’t have nice things…”
  1. huckleberryhart says:

    so bummed to come across this yesterday. damn four loko drinking high school kids.

  2. grave skater says:

    What is that mess?

  3. stupidwoodrats says:

    two words. johnny harris.

  4. w00drat says:

    i didnt know skateboarding was about being a stool pidgeon. even though i know for a fact that johnny was not at woodland the night of the fire

  5. jbvo says:

    Matthew, are you really that immature to make a comment about rather skating through fire then getting hit by a bmx. Well, if you actually skate there you’d know that it’s one at a time in the bowl. I’ve been going to lower woodland since the beginning and never seen a scenario of a biker or skater dropping in while someone else is in use of the bowl.

    Do you really believe that bikers cause more damage to the bowl than a fire would? give me a break, are you 13?

    If you’re gonna get hit in the head with anything while skating that bowl it would be a loose skateboard that comes flying in out of control from the street course, not by a bike.

    You making negative comments towards other adults for riding bikes in a skatepark is like being upset with somebody because they choose to play on a different child’s toy than you do. Do you tell people they can’t play frisbee on the soccer fields? You probably get really hung up on the small things in life, too bad for you.

  6. Matthew Lee Johnston says:

    @ “JBVO” That was a joke. But thanks for your comment.

    I’ve seen tons of bike/skater conflicts at LW and other parks with my own eyes, and we have a stack of letters from mostly parents reporting similar incidents. Usually it’s younger kids getting in the way, but that doesn’t make it any less of a concern.

    When I’m not making a joke, I like to think we’re approaching the BMX issue fairly. If you read the annals of serious posts on this site about this issue you’ll see that we support helping the BMX community find a place to ride. We’re simply not going to do it at the expense of the skate community that worked hard to get the existing parks funded and built.

    Unfortunately, posting stuff like your snide and counter-productive comment on the internet is pretty much all we see in terms of “involvement” from the BMX community. Hopefully that changes and we can work together to find a solution. Until then, the Seattle Parks rules state that no bikes are allowed in Seattle Skateparks and we fully back that rule.

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