Dahl skatespot: 1 month later.

Well…  it appears that the small Dahl skate spot that the kids out there fought so hard to get, is a smashing success.  I’ve heard nothing but good things from the skaters who have been hitting it up regularly.  It just goes to show you that tenacity rules, and anything is possible if you (and your neighbors) put your minds to it and SHOW UP.

6 Replies to “Dahl skatespot: 1 month later.”

  1. I am not a skateboarder but from observing my kids there I think it is poorly designed in that it is too narrow and gets crowded with only a few skaters. A shorter wider skateboarding surface would accommodate more riders.

  2. great spot when you’re the only person there. Not really designed to be used by multiple people at once. Seattle skateparks are always crowded as it is, doesn’t really work out too well with a place that’s this tight. Unfortunately the proximity to the neighborhoods and playground makes for a high percentage of little kids on scooters, which in this small space can ruin it for the folks who are using the spot as it was intended. We all know it’s damn near impossible(and awkward for those of us who don’t want to upset anyone) to explain to a parent who knows nothing about skateboarding or skateparks how dangerous and irresponsible it is to let their child ride their scooter in a skatepark.

  3. You should speak up and inform them (politely) what’s up, because it’s your park too, and it was designed primarily for multiple beginning skateboarders. Although scooters and rollerblades (…bikes? …I haven’t skated it yet and haven’t read the posted rules) are OK there, these vehicles generally follow different lines of traffic than a skateboard, and may thus clog up the public space during peak hours.

    Additionally, it would be helpful if younger skaters could be taught by their parents to “keep their heads on a swivel” and always be looking around, or to perfect their basic riding techniques on the adjacent basketball court (if it’s not in use) or sidewalks before practicing on obstacles that are unique to the skatespot terrain area. I highly recommend that someone, somewhere (…who is not me) should form a “Friends Of” group for this skatespot – contact Susan Golub at Seattle Parks for more details, and skate hard kids!

  4. People who are complaining, I see your point, but just be glad you have a place to skate.

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