banzai-protest06-26.jpgSuddenly it seems as though Seattle’s skateboarders, who have been on the receiving end of every conceivable raw deal possible, are not alone in the universe.

Skaters on O’ahu were beside themselves when they landed beloved Oregon skatepark design/build firm Dreamland to build the new park across from Sunset Elementary. After a lot of hard work by local advocates, the project seemed to be moving along nicely. Then the project got mysteriously stalled, the City and County of Honolulu stepped in with a new builder and design, and then things got ugly.

Local skaters and supporters are pushing back on the city by staging a protest at the North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting tomorrow.

Even in the North Shore of O’ahu, the veritable birthplace of big wave surfing and mere minutes from the mecca of early skateboarding culture at places like Uluwatus and Wallows, the city government still doesn’t get it when it comes to skateparks.


 Update:  video from the Neighborhood Board meeting.

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