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Photo credit: Obviously fake blog.

My feelings about how Rob Dyrdek and California Skateparks operate, and how that’s played out on the Roxhill project, are well documented here.  I won’t bore you by going back over it again.  But it appears that someone that has a grudge against these guys is making their opinions known by creating fake blogs intended to slander them.

Now I’m just tossing out hypotheticals here, but let’s see… we’ve got “Celebsleaze” which contains over 50% Dyrdek/Ciaglia content, and then some other crap copied directly from other websites to make it look (to only a total moron) that it’s a legit source.  See for yourself.  Here’s the Celebsleaze post for some unknown TV dude who got a DUI, and here’s the post on the Comcast site they stole it from.  I mean…even lazy obfuscation is still obfuscation.  For posterity, here are some of the other fake blogs they created, this time going for more of a “Church Charity”” vibe:  Interfaith Charity Connection, and Family Charity Watch.  I highly recommend checking it all out as some of the editorial work is downright hilarious.

But who could possibly want to defame these guys so much that they would set up three fake blogs and spend time making up stuff like this?  Well, it’s hard to say for sure, but we do know that Aaron Spohn of questionably competent skatepark firm Spohn Ranch is currently suing them in court.  The only reason any of this is interesting beyond a few chuckles is because Spohn is suing them for fraud, which would make setting up these slanderous websites somewhat ironic.  Congrats Aaron, now I am not sure who is more insidious, corrupt, and untrustworthy, but I still hope you win!  The truth is that Spohn’s suit has merit.  We’re seeing the proof right in our own backyard on the Roxhill project.

To top things off, today I received this comment on the Roxhill thread from “Alice”.  Because, you all know Alice has been really out there following what’s going on with the Seattle skatepark scene, when not ripping it up at Marginal. Alice really has her rap down pat as it reads like it was copied directly from the Celebsleaze play book.  Hmmm….

But no one is above board here because back when we were writing about how we genuinely felt about California Skateparks and Rob Dyrdek buying their way into the Seattle skatepark system, they were posting fake comments on my website too.  It seems as though these two California companies are bringing their special brand of cloak and dagger drama to Seattle,  the results of which will be in the ground at Roxhill.

Imagine what these people could accomplish if they just spent all of this wasted time building and designing great skateparks instead…

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Skate for Change describes themselves as “a local group of skaters committed to giving back to the low-income & homeless in Seattle”, but in my view they are way more than that.  They are taking a proactive approach to community outreach and doing positive work in the community while doing something they love.  They also have created an open framework for skaters to make a difference.

The Seattle crew was inspired by an effort that started in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Check out this video for the complete story. If this video doesn’t move you, check your pulse…you’re probably dead.

Get involved with Skate For Change.  You’ll create change in your community, but you’ll also evolve yourself. You won’t regret it.

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Grindline crewman and long-time skater and park builder Chad Vogt was badly burned in a freak accident on -site in Sand Diego.

Everyone please send your good vibes and thoughts to Chad and wish him a speedy recovery.

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howie.jpgHoward Weiner, long-time Portland skateboarding supporter and proprietor of the infamous Cal Skate, is running for Sam Adams‘ seat on the City Council. The Cal Skate website has a nice rundown on Howard’s political history, which paints a picture of long-term active and conscious community involvement.

Adams may be best known to skateboarders because of his Chief of Staff, Tom Miller’s general state of rippingness. Tom, along with Adams, aggressively helped to procure funding for Pier Park and make the first city-wide skatepark plan in the nation a reality. Adams is running for Mayor this term, so he must vacate his seat.

Thanks to our friends over at Skate and Annoy for bringing this issue to our attention.

Updatehe dropped out.  Bummer.

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The New York Times published an excellent piece today on the relationship between thoughtful design, skater involvement, and the long-term success of skateparks.

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ugandathumbnail.jpgIt’s official: Kitintale, a working class suburb in Uganda, now has more public skateable terrain than Seattle. Now what they need is some skateboards.

In April of 2006, Ugandan Jackson Mubiru and his South African friend Shael Swart, built Uganda’s first ever skate ramp with bricks and supplies they cobbled together using their own resources. With only two skateboards for the entire community to share, the new ramp suddenly became the focal point of the community’s youth activity.

Any of this sound familiar?

With some help from a Canadian named Brian Marshall Lye, some donated boards came through. Then Jack, a Kitintale ramp local (!) and Brian got motivated and with the help of caring folks from all over the world, they expanded the mini into a full blown skatepark with a nice little street section. The contributors are not named on the website, with the exception of design help fromWest Seattle’s own Grindline.

The Uganda Skateboard Union website tells an engaging story of a small African community that not only found skateboarding as a positive way to enrich and motivate their community’s youth, but they did it in a third world economy with little or no resources. This example set by the USU really highlights that many of the barriers and hurdles we face in Seattle, as hard as it may seem, are nothing compared to what these skaters face in their every day lives. Yet somehow through positivity and hard work, they prevailed.

Check out the site and send them a donation. They apparently would like some Sabbath and Maiden too.

(Thanks to Dean Itzen and Dave Addington for the tip on this inspirational story.)

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Several young skateboarders were treated with unreasonable predjudice by police officer Joey Williams on Go Skateboarding Day in Hot Springs, Arkansas. As the SPAC begins taking on the issue of how city laws and statutes affect skateboarders in Seattle, this type of unfortunate event reminds us of the need and importance of safe public places for skateboarding.

Please support our fellow skaters and take a minute to send an email, letter, or make a phone call and let them know that this type of treatment cannot and will not be tolerated:

Hot Springs Arkansas Police Department
Phone: (501) 321-6789
Fax: (501) 321-6708
Chief of Police, Bobby Southard
641 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

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banzai-protest06-26.jpgSuddenly it seems as though Seattle’s skateboarders, who have been on the receiving end of every conceivable raw deal possible, are not alone in the universe.

Skaters on O’ahu were beside themselves when they landed beloved Oregon skatepark design/build firm Dreamland to build the new park across from Sunset Elementary. After a lot of hard work by local advocates, the project seemed to be moving along nicely. Then the project got mysteriously stalled, the City and County of Honolulu stepped in with a new builder and design, and then things got ugly.

Local skaters and supporters are pushing back on the city by staging a protest at the North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting tomorrow.

Even in the North Shore of O’ahu, the veritable birthplace of big wave surfing and mere minutes from the mecca of early skateboarding culture at places like Uluwatus and Wallows, the city government still doesn’t get it when it comes to skateparks.


 Update:  video from the Neighborhood Board meeting.

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