3shellvernet.jpg The P-I is reporting that David Della has announced the City Council is scrapping the plan to relocate SeaSk8 at the Dupen fountain site, and is now going with the previously discussed (and dismissed) “pavilion site” at 2nd and Thomas.

One problem with the pavilion site: the building that currently flanks it needs to be demolished to accommodate the skatepark, which could take years. Further complicating matters, is that the building is currently used by over 20 cultural groups.

One has to wonder why, once again, the Council is looking at a site that is not currently available, has the potential to pit skaters against nearly every ethnic group in the city, and will delay the skatepark’s construction even more.

Do the EMP and Space Needle really have that much power over the future of Seattle Center and the Broad Street Green?

What level of hell hath skateboarders arrived at to deserve this never ending shell game? It’s enough to make a skater feel unwanted.

Furthermore, why is the Mayor so blatantly absent from this whole debacle? Or is he…?

The Council will vote on the newly-determined “final” site in their meeting on Monday.

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