An SSdotO reader tipped us on a bulldozer moving dirt around at the River City site, so we tracked down this update from Mark Johnson, key rockstar from the South Park team:

“We got our first load of fill dirt on site last week and we are waiting
for some final geotechnical data to resubmit the final revisions (Ry
will laugh at my “final” reference!).

So far, we have approval on the grading and drainage permits and are
waiting on the (last) structural permit.

Matt, James, and Emily are poised to start work as soon as we have the
permit approval. I am hopeful that we will get the geotech info this
week, so barring unforeseen obstacles we should be able to start in the
next month or so. I know I have said that before…

James has a drainage contractor lined up to do the storm drain tie in,
and Emily and Mike Leong from Sea Mar are in contact to iron out the
details of how much funding remains after permitting. “

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