Keep track of your time

This is the first in an ongoing series of tips for successful skatepark advocacy.  (If you ever want to see all of the posts in a single category, simply click on a category link in the sidebar.)

Tip:  Many matching fund programs and grants will give you credit for time spent on your advocacy effort, or any donated services and/or goods.  Keep track of it!


  • Coffee and cookies for a meeting
  • Printing of fliers or meeting materials
  • Time spent on related email
  • Time spent in meetings
  • T-shirts or stickers to promote your effort
  • Anything you or someone you know does to help your project!

Buy a small notebook and start jotting down everything, or keep a running document on your computer.  Encourage everyone in your advocacy support group to do the same.  Let your supporting businesses know that when they donate goods or services to you, not only do they help you with that specific effort, but it also translates into skatepark dollars later.  Sweet!

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