Jeff2Based on my count there were three skaters at the meeting.  We have over $1M in the budget for a killer skatepark, and almost no one showed up to weigh in on the design.  I guess everyone just trusts Grindline and the Parks Department so much that they don’t need to participate.  If you would like to let Grindline know what you think, you can log in to the forum here (password: jefferson2010).

9 Responses to “Jefferson meeting: $1M for a skatepark and 3 skaters show up.”
  1. Alki Resident says:

    Id much rather see this be build either at Hiawatha or Alki parks.I wont be letting my son go all the way down to Delridge to skate.He’s recently been down at the community center playground and asked by a couple of older boys “whats in your pockets?” But not before being punched in the back first.I dont see a million dollar skate park in that neighborhood.Ill get damaged by punks before you know it.

  2. choochoonesbee says:

    I think you need to post plans for a meeting a little bit sooner than the day before it takes place. I would have gone if there was a two or three week notice of the meeting. People probably don’t check this website more than once a week.

  3. inseoul says:

    Sucks about the low attendence, but that design looks amazing and I wholeheartedly approve. Here’s hoping it gets built soon!

  4. Tony D. says:

    I really wanted to go but when you get off work at the time the thing starts and you work in Everett it’s pretty hard to get there on time. Why do they have these things so early anyway?

  5. Matthew Lee Johnston says:

    Thanks for the feedback, but I actually posted about the meeting back on May 11th.

  6. Aaron Shafer says:

    Back here in Memphis you would have had a 100 skaters show up! We don’t even have one skate park! You guys need a facebook group. You could have created an event for this meeting and known how many people to expect. We’ve go almost 1600 on our Memphis skate site and it really helps to mobilize the skate community. Lucky dogs!

  7. Ramadan Russell says:

    I would love to be a part of the process, Especially Jefferson but the meetings are always Wed. night. I work every Wed. Tell me another way to participate.

  8. Stefan says:

    That’s wierd. I just came across this. I was at that meeting and I certainly saw a whole lot more than 3 skaters…

    The only way this headline seems to make any sense would be with the qualifier “only 3 skaters that I know” showed up.


  9. Matthew Lee Johnston says:

    You must be thinking of another meeting. This post is about meeting #2. It wasn’t even questionable or about me knowing anyone. Last night’s meeting was much better attended.

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