I don’t think anyone expects this to be Seattle’s next big thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to get skated.  These photos come courtesy of Seattle Parks Department, and don’t really show a lot of the stuff you want to see, but I’m sure there will be some more very soon.  Please send them in if you get some, and I’ll try to get some myself next week.  And before you freak out, the ledges at the bottom of the stairs are at the edge of the park, and are meant to control traffic and rogue board action.


2 Responses to “Final pour @ Dahl is complete (photos)”
  1. zeke says:

    wtf is this??!! dont tell me thats it. they better add some other stuff thats actually good. for one, that four stair is waaaay too long. like not-even-fun-long. and if you get enough speed to actually do it, you have those ledges there to trip you up? horrible design. don’t use that contractor again.

  2. whiners never win says:

    Got a problem?
    Get involved,it’s easy to complain when you did NOTHING to help design this park or raise money for it.
    The internet makes it easy to bitch about everything and have no repercussions.
    Seriously kids,i see your point but just keep it to your self or make it a point to go to the meetings and offer some type of guidance.

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