Final Jeff meeting is tomorrow night. Please go.

JEff_compOnly 4 months in the making, which relatively speedy by Seattle Parks standards, the Jefferson skatepark design is to be unveiled tomorrow night at 6:45pm.

Three skaters showed up to the last meeting, which would’ve been a great time to get feeedback in, so it should be interesting to see who shows and what goes down.  It’s probably a bit late to get major changes in, but several things came out in the last meeting and in the Grindline forums that may be reflected in the amended design:

  • separating the flow area into two smaller bowls to accommodate more simultaneous skating
  • squaring off the deep end for true vert skating
  • bringing the street section into focus because Seattle needs it
  • the effect of Seattle Parks discovering a huge underground utility line that runs right across the middle of the site, making sub-grade features a no-go in the place that makes the most sense to have them

I’m mostly just curious to see who shows up.  Even though it’s billed as the presentation of the schematic design, changes have been made after the “final” meeting in the past.  They don’t really need to have a meeting to unveil a design, so it should be assumed they want your feedback.  Show up if you care.

The meeting will be held in the usual spot:  Jefferson Park Community Center.

2 Replies to “Final Jeff meeting is tomorrow night. Please go.”

  1. Had no Idea this was happening tomorrow night as I have been checking out this site for a while….sucks there isn’t more of a time frame for these meetings as I’m sure more skaters would show up. How about some fliers at local skateshops that promote the site?

  2. The meeting schedule was announced and posted in several places (including here) back in March. But I still get a comment like this almost every time I post up a meeting notice, so I must not be doing something right. If I post it too far in advance, people seem to forget. What I really need is a page with all the upcoming meetings on it, but something tells me that people will still find a reason not to go.

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