Exec Director of Seattle Center: “I believe the skateboarding community gets a raw deal”.

councilmeeting_thumbsupRobert Nellams, who heads up the Seattle Center, recently presented the state of things down at Seattle Center.  It turns out, that SeaSk8 was one of the highlights of 2009!

What was really great though, was how positive his impressions are about skateparks now that the park has been on the campus for some time now.  Something that Nellams and others at Seattle Center weren’t super sure about when we originally suggested it.

Check out 84:00 to hear Executive Director Robert Nellams giving major props to the Seattle skateboarding community as a result of his experience with SeaSk8.  He says, “I believe that the skateboarding community gets a raw deal”…”(SeaSk8) is a great…I will repeat this… is a great addition to Seattle Center.

This is a huge win for skateboarders in Seattle, and a great testament to the work that was done by SPAC and most notably John Carr and Ryan Barth on the SeaSk8 project.

Too bad there’s no bowl!  (ha ha just kidding…)

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