Exactly the kind of thing skaters need to do more of

When we were losing the Ballard Bowl (V1), a bunch of us went and volunteered at the Ballard community clean-up day.  We grabbed hedge sheers, rakes, paint brushes, and got to work.  This immediately earned us respect from the non-skating members of the neighborhood who wanted to support us but were a little unsure.  It allowed people to see skaters as simply another part of their community, instead of this insular self-serving special interest group.  But most importantly, it allowed me to take my sheers over to where the Mayor was pruning, and really put him on the spot about what was going on with the skatepark situation.  I think he took me more seriously when I had a giant sharp implement in my hand!

Well here is a very similar opportunity for skaters to show the neighborhood that’s been so supportive and welcoming to them, that they are interested in contributing.  Volunteers are needed to help build the  playground at the Delridge Community Center. Funding depends on the  neighborhood being able to commit a certain number of people.

You should send an email by July 2nd to helpdelridgeplay@gmail.com if  you can help.

Friday, July 17th
6:30 am to 2:00 pm

No special skills are needed, except for an  ability to wake up early and take the day off work, possibly.

There will be edible gardening preparation,  painting, and other fun activities other than strictly building. Come bond  with your neighbors and help improve the area.

There will also be an art wall that they are hoping people will want to help paint.

Please show up and let Delridge know you’re down for more than just yourself.

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