CTA: Dahl skatespot under fire from NIMBYs

According to advocates on the ground, Seattle Parks recently received a public disclosure request from someone in the community along with other NIMBY-type complaints, including the classic “older skaters have hijacked this process in order to build what they want at the expense of what the children need” and “the skatepark footprint encroaches on the surrounding park space”.  At this time, Parks staff have not given the SPAC any inkling of how they intend to respond, but we’ve been here before and it was ugly.

There will be a meeting on Wed July 1st 6:30-7:30 at Dahl Playfield to share the final design of the skatespot that will begin construction this summer.  My guess is that these last-minute opponents will be trying to hijack the meeting with their pointless arguments.

Let’s not forget that this kind of thing stalled Lower Woodland for a year, drained $80K from the park’s budget, and eventually got the park pushed back against the hill where we told them not to put it for various good reasons.  We can’t let this happen again.

Show up to this meeting and help Seattle Parks help you.

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