skateclockThe City Council vote that was supposed to put the Delridge construction funding into play has been delayed until January.  The reasoning for this as explained by Susan Golub from Seattle Parks:

The Delridge skatepark funding ordinance is at the City Council.  The Council staff person assigned to review it was slammed with work, and there were a couple of solely technical corrections that needed to be made… so, the bill will be the first item before the Parks Committee in January.  The staff person had no substantive issues, the technical corrections have been made, so it should be smooth sailing.  The delay until January on the funding ordinance will not have an impact on the project schedule.

It’s entirely conceivable that there were higher priorities than the Delridge funding, and Parks has assured me that the construction can still start in the Spring if the funding comes through in January.  The only real concern I can see is that the committee that will be voting on this funding is now going to be chaired by new council member Sally Bagshaw, with whom skatepark advocates have never met.  I’m also curious about what these technical corrections were, and why the details about them weren’t communicated to us.  I’m only concerned because sometimes there are underlying issues that aren’t outed for political reasons and there could be some risk here that we don’t know about.

The plan is for Ryan, Scott and I to head down to the meeting in January where they’re voting on this funding so we can introduce her to the SPAC and the Citywide Skatepark Plan.  I’m buying the first round of beers when this funding goes through.  This design process has been stressful.

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