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Scott has updated his handy overview of the Seattle Skatepark system over at his Parents For Skateparks website.  People have been asking for something like this on this site for ages, so in lieu of having one place to find everything, go there and check it out.

As of 10/16/2011, the total taxpayer cost (not including River City, Marginal or Inner Space) of the Seattle skatepark system AS-BUILT is $5,572,000.  The total square footage of the system (including all skateparks, public and private) is 82,700.  The total cost per square foot  is $67.38.  For more details, please visit our Skateparks page:

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skatepark_map_logo.jpg Snohomish County’s Community Transit system has just published a map that helps skaters use the bus to get to any one of their 10 skateparks.

“The map features the address of all 10 skateparks in the county, the bus routes that serve them as well as a description of each park. The map shares such information as whether the park is free to use or has a fee, if bikes are allowed, if there are restrooms, water fountains or lights, if there are food or beverage locations nearby, and if helmets are required.”

Seattleskateparks has a similar map for Seattle’s skaters:  click here to get it. 

The Snohomish map and the press release announcement can be found here. 

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