money_burning.jpgThere has been a skatepark in the plan for Jefferson Park’s mega-redesign since at least 2002 when the “final” site plan was published as a result of funding from the last Seattle parks levy.  Well now it looks like this.  The new Parks For All levy brings $1M for a skatepark project in this much needed area of the city, which has nothing to offer in terms of safe and accessible (official) public skateable terrain.

There is also a $10K donation from Sub Pop records that’s just waiting for someone to get the design process started.  But guess what?  No one has stepped up to make it happen.  Boo. The lawn bowling area?  Yeah, that has a group of people behind it.  Someone even stepped up to make sure that the squirrels have a place to store their nuts (okay I made that up…but c’mon skaters!)

On December 1st, there’s going to be a meeting about the overall expansion of the park, and it’s really important that someone shows up to support the skatepark part of the project.  If you live in that area, and you would like to see your one million ten thousand dollar skatepark not suck, or better yet, actually happen….then please turn out to the meeting and get involved.

Shoot me an email if you need more info, encouragement, or help getting plugged into the ultra-gratifying world of skatepark advocacy.

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