We just recieved an update from the River City Camp, and an invitation to come down and help this Saturday:


Hi Everyone –

I hope summer has treated you well. We are currently working on the SEPA application with the city to get ready to bring the fill material in over the winter. Grindline has been working away refining the design to include an entry plaza and more plants along the perimeter.

We have received some great support from suppliers in the neighborhood – concrete, pipes, electrical, plumbing – everyone is stepping up. We are really excited.

Next week, Seattle Works and WaMu will be hosting a planting event at the park. They are donating trees and plants that we will plant along the highway onramp. Many of you remember the old willow that watched over the site for many years that broke in the windstorm – we will be honoring it by planting 10 willows along the edge of the site to buffer highway noise for the neighbors.

Saturday, Sept 29 – 9am-noon – tree planting at River City Skatepark.
Bring gloves and a shovel if you have one. We will use the new SP tools as well!

check out the article in the West Seattle Herald about RCSP.

Rock on River City – mark

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  1. kim schwarzkopf says:

    We had a great turnout for the cleanup and tree planting at the park
    today. We were initially daunted by the five foot tall grass and
    blackberries, but the group was strong and we beat the grass and
    planted over 100 trees and shrubs and spread 20 yards of mulch (two
    dumptrucks full!) – in just over three hours. Pass by and take a
    look. The plants will be more visible once we get WSDOT to mow the
    grass on the highway onramp, but it is a great change to the
    overgrowth that was there before.

    Including the trees we planted in February, there are now 70 new trees
    and 60 new shrubs on the site.

    The plants are northwest native – meaning that they tolerate our wet
    winters and very dry sumers without irrigation. We will water them
    for the first two summers to help them get established.

    Huge thanks to Seattle Works, Washington Mutual, ECOSS, the neighbors
    and long time skatepark volunteers (we’re coming up on our THIRD
    year…) who came out and made it a great event. Thanks to Mighty-O
    donuts, Washington Chain, All City coffee and Seattle Works for the
    great snacks.

    We are still waiting for out SEPA approval – it should be complete in
    February, so Grindline will be able to start building as soon as the
    rain breaks a bit. You will see the ‘master use permit apliocation’
    sign on the site in the next few weeks – don’t worry, we aren’t
    building condos.

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