Just as it started to feel like the city and skaters were communicating, some goofball decided to go and skate-proof the only covered skate spot in Seattle.

It’s clearly a professional job that required some resources.  They even tried to be “artful”.  But as local resident and skateboarding fan Jennifer Keys stated in her email to Councilmember Tom Rasmussen: “I enjoyed the courtesy of the skaters as I walked or rode my bike to work, I enjoyed watching people of all ages skate the spot and was grateful for a mixed art/sport/commuter intersection.”

The loss of the Wall of Death without any attempt to reach out to skaters is unfortunate and unacceptable.  The SPAC is following up with the city to find out more details and try to get some accountability for this loss.

UPDATE:  The SLOG has some more good info on this, but it’s SDOT who is responsible, not Seattle Parks, which is who Dewey Potter represents.

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