Kate Martin's front yard skatopiaIt looks like Seattle’s only actual skatedot may be litigated out of existence by the Seattle city government.

All SPAC attempts to bring SDOT and Parks officials to the table to discuss preserving Kate Martin’s skatedot have apparently failed.  The last message we received from Seattle Parks was simply a single line in an email: “Sorry, we cannot help you.”

An email I got from Kate earlier this week indicated she was feeling pretty defeated, and was even stepping down from her various positions of community involvement because she felt like this was retribution for her efforts to keep various city offices on task.

As you can see from the photo, the bank in question keeps the kids from flying into the street.  Yeah…let’s take that out.

Not unlike the original Ballard Bowl, Seattle is mandating the destruction of something they have not yet themselves been able to build.  Even though the Citywide Skatepark Plan designates “skatedots” as single features integrated into the city, and despite the fact that the City Council has designated fund for the creation of skatedots, Seattle Parks has yet to build a single one.

A lot of great things are happening in Seattle, but this is a harsh reminder that there is a lot of work to still be done.

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  1. Huckleberry Hart says:

    So unfortunate and absurd. We are here for you Kate, we are so appreciative of everything you have done for the city and youth activities.

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