Sub Pop Skate City

Copyright Charles PetersonThis year Sub Pop is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a series of concerts and events, which are all benefits for local charities. But the giving does not stop there. Every year, the record label bestows a budget upon a few employees to donate to the cause of their personal choice. This year, one of those employees picked the Jefferson skatepark project.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s because before Sub Pop threw down for the design, it didn’t really have legs. The Jefferson Park re-design schematic has had a placeholder for a skatepark in it for years now, but no real advocates have stepped up to push it forward. This new infusion of cash will get a design process moving and will produce a design schematic. This way, the skate community can not only contribute by helping to plan the features that will be in the park, but there will be something on paper besides a big empty square labeled ‘future skatepark’.

For some reason a design helps people visualize the skatepark as a real possibility, and it makes it a lot easier to rally people for more funding. Congrats Jefferson Park, and thank you Sub Pop records!

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