Skateboard Park Advisory Committee

September 12, 2011


Committee Members Present: Ryan Barth, Matthew Lee Johnston, Nancy Chang, Scott Shinn

Guests:  Keith Strobel, Micah Shapiro (Grindline Skateparks), Joe Ciaglia (California Skateparks), Matt Sivalelli

Staff: Susan Golub, Kelly Davidson

The meeting began at 6:00

Roxhill Skatespot

Joe reviewed the details of the conceptual drawings derived from the first public meeting.  Discussion ensued regarding various details of the skatespot, including the pre-made elements from the Rob Dyrdek Street League contest, plaza area, landscape details, benches, proposed snake run, open space and drip lines of adjacent trees and possible dead end with quarterpipe, bank, or storage area.

Benefit Park

Micah reviewed the details of the Benefit Park skatedot project, including the current site conditions, existing playground features that will be converted into skateable features, current user groups in this space, possible addition of an $18K concrete pad adjacent to the existing skate features with donated features, addition of a corner bank, quarterpipe and hip.  About thirty kids attended the first two public meetings and this is turning out to be a very enthusiastic community group, with a strong possibility of additional fundraising.  This will be a retrofit of an existing park using the skate dot pot.

Judkins Park

Micah reviewed the details of the 110’ x 110’ site that will support an 8-10K skatespot.  Kelly reviewed the extensive details of the WSDOT lease agreement.  The site is located on a fill area, which will preclude a deep bowl.  The features of the site are inspired by the mountains and the sound.  Discussion ensued regarding gathering space, connecting the skatespot to the adjacent park, possible proximity of other parks with snake runs, replacing transition-rich street features with banks, placement of the deathbox, pole jam and flat rail features.  Detailed discussion ensued regarding the mountain signature feature, integration with surrounding features, utility of the proposed opposing transition versus a bank feature, possible pyramid hip in one corner of the park.


Delridge Skatepark

Opens Saturday!


BMX Policy and Culture at Lower Woodland

Matt J. reviewed the status and history of the “no-bikes” policy in Seattle.  Matt S. showed up to represent the BMX community in this discussion, regularly maintains the bike jumps at Lower Woodland, and recently constructed new lines for beginning, intermediate and advanced bikers within that space.  Discussion ensued regarding respect, use of skateparks by bikers, the road bike culture of Seattle, lack of representation by the BMX community in local politics, use of pegs and brakes in skateparks, the new culture and core group of DIY BMX guys at Lower Woodland.  Ryan B. moved to appoint Matt S. to the SPAC as a BMX representative.  Matt S. accepted.  Discussion ensued regarding the “stuck” place that the skateboarding community has been in with regard to its relationship with the BMX community at Lower Woodland, graffiti and the local tagging culture that has developed at the Ballard Bowl, the historic relationship between Parks and the DIY group at Lower Woodland,


The meeting adjourned at 8:00.  The next SPAC meeting will occur on Monday, November 7, 2011, 6PM, 100 Dexter Ave.

4 Responses to “SPAC meeting minutes: 9/12/11”
  1. Joel says:

    It’s great to hear that there’s a new line of communication opened with someone inside the BMX community! Wish I could have been at the meeting.

  2. Aaron Gates says:

    Great to here there was some BMX involvement. I’ll try to make it out to the next one.

  3. Aaron says:

    Hey, is there a good way to find out if these things are still on/cancelled? Apparently yesterday’s was cancelled?

  4. Matthew Lee Johnston says:

    Aaron: The next SPAC meeting is this coming Monday, November 14, 2011 from 6 – 7:00 p.m.at the Southwest library and will be the Roxhill meeting instead of the usual format. Sorry for the confusion.

    Southwest Branch Library
    9010 35th Ave SW
    Seattle, WA 98126

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