Skateboard Film Fest: this weekend

It’s here.
Probably one of the coolest and ambitious skate-related efforts in Seattle’s history, the Skateboard Film Festival, is kicking off it’s inaugural season this weekend.

Based on the samples on the website, you are guaranteed to witness 4-star filmmaking.  Opening night features the local premier of A Day at the Park, a portrait of the skateboard scene from over 30 skateparks in the greater Seattle area.

Also showing is the Skatopia documentary (made especially poignant by the recent hospitalization and recovery of Brewce Martin), and 4wheelwarpony, a multi-screen experimental film that juxtaposes historic archive photos and modern reenactments of 19th Century White Mountain Apache Scouts, …with skateboarding.
Get your tickets in advance here. This is a “must see” event for any Seattle skateboarder.

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