A little transition, a little street, and another potentially killer skatespot in Seattle.  Designed by NewLine, this park has been a long time in the works, and will finally be built this year, bringing the 2011 count up to 4 new parks if everything goes as planned.  Everyone involved should be extremely proud, and Seattle Parks deserves some credit as well.  This project has been extremely well supported by Parks.  Congrats Northgate!

6 Responses to “Northgate design unveiled!”
  1. Alex says:

    Looks awesome! Do you know who’s building it?

  2. J Kirby says:

    Hi all,

    I was a critical questioner of the folks staffing the to be soon skatespot at Hubbard Homestead Park today. My primary concern is noise at night with so many residential units nearby. The folks I expressed my concerns to were so good at hearing me out and offering positive responses to my worries.

    I hereby vow to positively work with this project as a nearby neighbor and to trust that whatever issues we have with noise disturbances will be worked out.

    Best of luck and let’s hope this thing gets built without a hitch and before winter sets in.

  3. Tony D. says:

    So… When does this one go out for construction bid etc… ?

  4. Matthew Lee Johnston says:

    Hi J. Thanks for posting this here. It’s important that you voice your concerns, and that as a neighbor, you are engaged in the process. I’m glad that you are ready to be proactive on the noise front. Upfront enforcement of the park’s hours is the most effective way to set the tone at the beginning and seems to make a huge difference moving forward. Please don’t hesitate to keep in contact with The Parks Department and the Skatepark Advisory Committee as things progress.

  5. Matthew Lee Johnston says:

    Tony/Alex: I’m not sure yet on the bid but I know it’s moving forward quickly. Jefferson already got advertised, so this project should be next!

  6. kevin stake says:

    hopefully seattle is smart enough to put up lights!

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