New Delridge photos and opening date announced.

NOTICE:  Grindline has been super cool to allow me to get in and take photos of the site, and will continue to let me post these updates as long as posting pictures doesn’t feel like it’s compromising the security of the unfinished skatepark.  Grindline is wholly responsible for securing the site until it’s open, and if it ever seems like these updates are making people think it’s OK to trespass, I will simply not be able to provide them anymore.  Also, the Southwest Precinct has been patrolling the site heavily, so don’t be a knucklehead.  The park will be open very soon.

The opening ceremony has been set for September 17th during the Delridge Days Festival.  Stay tuned for more details on what will be happening.

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  1. Super excited for this park to open up. I just drove by and gave the GL guys a honk from my car as they were working on it.


  2. Yes, it’s here! Delridge Skate Park Grand Opening is Saturday Sept. 17 from 11am to 3pm. The North Delridge Neighborhood Council organized Delridge Day this year to coincide with the skate park opening so there will be lots of people to watch you do your thing.

    When you hear Nancy Folsom’s name, please cheer loud and strong because she fought hard for this park to happen. She is not a skater but she, like many of us on the NDNC, feel this is a really positive thing for our community and we welcome it. I am proud to have a neighbor like Nancy who speaks up and fights for what’s right. Rock on Nancy!

    Check out more here:

    Bring your boards on Saturday!

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