New Delridge design images reflect feedback, but where’s the bacon?


It looks like someone forgot to eat breakfast before sitting down in front of Rhino.  At least throw in one of those SeaSk8 bacon strips guys!

Grindline took all of the feedback they gathered from the last meeting, and came up with these delicious new renderings.  Our folks at Parks tell us that these have been vetted through the initial layer of review with the Parks internal design folks, and may only need minor revisions.  Possible problems include the cantilevered slabs (safety), and some minor grading issues.

Features/changes of note include:

  • the deathbox/gap theme
  • the removal of the cool mini-ramp feature to the West of the bowl section
  • the bowl being split into two
  • the missing brick-stamped transition wall around the tree
  • the apparent solution to the “which way to bend the kidney” problem
  • the return of the Bainbridge shallow end (minus the pool block)

The SPAC meeting this Monday will serve as a de-facto feedback session on this new iteration of the design. Feel free to show up to the meeting and provide your input directly, or post it here in the comments section and I will deliver it for you.

9 Replies to “New Delridge design images reflect feedback, but where’s the bacon?”

  1. ::reluctantly raises hand:: Um, what’s “bacon?”

    Hopelessly uncool and uninitiated

  2. Nancy,

    At the SEASK8 park there is a 4 foor wide ripple or wave feature. Kinda resembles bacon to us meatavores.

  3. The brick bank around the tree was the best feature in my eyes, the park has definately lost most of its fun factor to me, someone who rides for a local shop that has been around for over twenty years, and skates everyday. the brick bank around the bowl seems like a horrible idea, unless you want people trying tricks on it and shooting thier boards into the big bowl all day long! I personally don’t want to get into a fight with some 30 something hesher because my board hit him in the face during his layback 5-0. I’m not trying to be negative, just honest, bring the tree bank back !

  4. I can’t wait to see it happen. I’m not plannin any lines, I never do. Just learnin from the locs. Hesh or no hesh land your trick and you got nothin to worry about.

  5. Well the park looks mainly like it was shaped by the City in more ways then one. As a die-hard skater myself this whole idea of the layout now does appeal to many more than just skateboards. ex. Little kids, wanna be in the way all the time scooter kids, People walking on the trails around the boarder of the park, ect. I feel with Joshua about how the design now looks like its taking the fun out of some elemnts and ruining flow in many ways. Skateboarding is more than a sport, its an art form! So why can’t the city lift the fog and see that… Koutos on the rendaring looks great! Final thought: Any skatepark is better than no skatepark.

  6. Dear Grindline: Please make it have more than 1.5 inches of vert okay? You guys always skimp on the vert. Be generous this time!

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