Parks just gave us word that Grindline is the apparent low bidder for the Roxhill park.  This is great news!

However, they were careful to note that there is no room in the budget for any embellishments, so don’t get your hopes up for any fancy Grindline upgrades to California Skateparks less-than bonkers design.

The real question is why does a skatepark this size cost $75 per sq/ft?  It seems like there’d be a lot more room for a better skatepark if it didn’t cost so damn much to build them here in Seattle.

4 Responses to “Grindline will build Roxhill.”
  1. Alice Newman says:

    wow! how did they pull off getting the job? The Dyrdek/Ciaglia deal looked so solid — the mayor event went on TV for them. This donation thing is such a scam — Dyrdek donates $75,000 of his time (not cash) to his own partner Ciaglia…these two are under investigation in a few states, as what they do is allegedly a felony crime….wonder if they got caught bid-rigging here too?

  2. truth brick says:

    hi alice. how’s that new job at spohn ranch working out?

  3. Matt Holloway says:

    Thank the heavens for GRINDLINE!!!!!!!! And, GRINDLINE the BAND!!!!! Keep it local; keep it real. Yes.

  4. Ivan Collins says:

    I think it needs a small half-pipe or something.

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