Bellevue Highland Skateplaza wideSeattle residents can thumb their noses at the Eastside all it wants, but thanks largely to long-time skaters and Parks department employees Joe Moormon and Steve Gonzales, Bellevue is crushing Seattle when it comes to skateparks.  Adding to a successfully programmed and supervised indoor facility at Highland Community Center, and amazing bowl at Crossroads Community Center, they are now nearing completion on  showcase street plaza.  Seattle still needs to come back from the deficit created by the removal/shrinkage of both of it’s only facilities over the last 4 years.

The park is being built by Grindline, who some skaters have been critcal of when it comes to building street terrain.  However, Grindline has been turning that reputation around with parks like Mabel Davis in Austin and now it looks like Highland Park in Bellevue may be the one that proves to the hometown gang that Grindline can really do street.

Click on the link below for more photos taken today.

Bellevue Highland columns

Bellevue Highland jersey

Bellevue Highland lower

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