Dahl playfield goes out to bid.

dl_set01view09 The skatespot for Dahl playfield has gone out to bid, and bids are being accepted until June 10th, 2009.

The New Line design is pretty killer, especially compared to the old concept by Skateparkitecture that was paid for with money that the community raised themselves.  Check out the contrast below.

Check out all of the New Line renderings here, and Northeast Seattle skaters should get ready to skate by Fall.

Design pre-Canadian intervention.
Design pre-Canadian intervention.

Dahl overview
New Line's design.

2 Replies to “Dahl playfield goes out to bid.”

  1. The updated design looks kind of sparse. If they build it like this there will be a bunch of people there not skating and just sitting around on all the benches and rocks and stuff.

  2. they should incorporate both designs like take the pre-Canadian intervention design and make it look modern and more artsy. i think that would come out with the best outcome.

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