3 Replies to “Photos of the opening SeaSk8 session.”

  1. The park is nice and the opening went well, except for a couple of people. They were stupid enough to URINATE directly onto the coping of one of the quarter pipes leaving people to skate through their piss and get their hands in it when they fell. They also stole my 12 year old brother’s water bottle and filled it with LIQUOR so they could sneak booze into a skatepark. All of this on the opening day, the single most important time for skaters to at least make a decent impression on the higher ups watching and other community members to make sure they didn’t make a huge mistake letting this park get built within Seattle Center. Unbelievably stupid stuff.

    So I’ll take this time to remind people to be RESPECTFUL of not only the skatepark itself but of the surrounding area, fellow skaters, and anyone else using the Seattle Center campus. The skatepark is in the complex but that doesn’t mean it’s open season for you to skate anywhere and weave in and out of random bystanders. Trying to be a “hardcore” or “punk” skater and ignoring everyone around you and disregarding everyone’s personal space is a really stupid way to act.

    So just be respectful, follow the park rule (Don’t Be A Jerk), and please don’t ruin the skateboard communities chances of finally being taken seriously in this city just because you think it’s cool to be an asshole. Oh and throw your damn garbage into the trash cans. It’s seriously three feet away. Seriously.

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