Hey everyone!

This website used to be a way for a small group of advocates to get the word out about efforts to build more skateparks in Seattle. Those advocates, including me, have long since gotten back to what was always the business at hand: skateboarding.

This site will continue to represent the effort of the entire Seattle skatepark community as an archive of the hard work, struggle, and sometimes drama that erupted from the nearly decade-long process which has resulted in a bonafide network of skateparks across Seattle. To think that it all started with one bowl being torn down in Ballard!

After the initial round of funding was exhausted, Seattle Parks stopped pursuing new skatepark projects for the most part, and it’s time for some new advocates to step up and take on the next wave of fulfilling the promise of the Seattle City-Wide Skatepark Plan. There are still many pre-vetted sites waiting for a skatepark, and chances are there’s probably one near you. Get involved!

Thanks again for supporting this site and all of the engagement over the years. I’ll see you at the skatepark.


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